Drywall Installation
Gives Us a Foundation

If you need to go from the base studs or have existing drywall, our experienced team has the know-how to install drywall for a solid base for plaster or stucco. Our drywall installation provides a quality foundation to insure that your investment lasts. We install 1/2-inch drywall board, where we then lay a 1/2-inch layer of "mud." After we plaster the walls, we use a hot lyme finish that requires no sanding. This process keeps the room clean of debris normally seen with other techniques.

Lath on baseboards to apply stucco Applying Drywall for Stucco and Ornamental Decoration
Lath on baseboards Finished drywall installation
Ceiling Plaster Repair Ceiling plaster repair
Ceiling Lath before adding plaster Ceiling lath after adding plaster